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Nutrient Cycle
Nitrogen and phosphorus recovery...
Smart Water Cycle
New standards in resource efficiency
Water Cycle
Your competent partner for watering life
Four pillars of success...


offers innovative technologies for nutrient recovery and energy optimization of wastewater treatment plants

The four pillars: 

Energy Cycle - Nutrient Cycle - Water Cycle - Lifecycles Services 

form the basis for our process technologies.

Our philosophy is "watering life"

Water is life, but it is becoming increasingly scarce. Therefore, wastewater is increasingly treated as a resource that can provide energy, nutrients and freshwater for reuse. It is therefore reasonable and right to recover both water and contained energy and nutrients. Our technologies close these vital loops, "watering life" in this way

CNP's team consists of employees who have worked in the industry for many years and have a high level of experience in process engineering and the handling of complex projects.

Energy Cycle

The operation of wastewater treatment plants causes high energy consumption and disposal costs. With proven and innovative technologies, we enable a significant reduction in energy use and a reduction in residues as defined by the Closed Substance Cycle Waste Management Act.

Our portfolio around the topic of energy

PONDUS® Thermal Chemical Hydrolysis TCHP

Anaerobic Sludge Digestion

DePrex Degassing Technology


Nutrient Cycle

We have a dominant position in the European market. Especially in Germany, where a new regulation stipulates that phosphorus, as an essential nutrient, must be recovered from sewage sludge. The world's phosphorus reserves are finite, so recovery has enormous growth potential worldwide and especially in Germany.

Our portfolio around the topic of nutrients

LysoPhos® P-Recovery

AirPrex® Sludge Optimization


Water Cycle

Clean water is essential for health and hygiene and at the core of development and prosperity. Today, wastewater as a resource is subject to a paradigm shift in the economy - from disposal to recycling. With this guiding principle, we offer partnerships for WATERING LIFE on the market.

Our portfolio around the topic of water treatment

ECoFlocX Potable Water Treatment

Lifecycle Services

helfende Hände

As part of our Lifecycle Services, we offer you expertise and comprehensive services for efficient, safe and sustainable operation of your plant. For a lifetime. 

With our services, you save steps, storage, working time and thus costs.

CNP CYCLES also provides operators with operational support to optimize plant operations.