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Turbo LME Process for Water Treatment Plants

The Challenge

Providing clean water to people

Motivation of effective clarification:

  • In the treatment of surface water, the effectiveness of the first clarification process is decisive for a cost- and resource-efficient water treatment plant.
  • Effective clarification ensures both a high degree of operational safety in downstream treatment steps and hygienically perfect drinking water quality.
  • The clarification shall also be cost-effective with regards to the consumption of chemicals and the required construction volume.

CNP’s Solution

Compact, precisely adjusted and integrated process for clarification

The ECoFlocX process:

ECoFlocX stands for Enhanced Coagulation, Flocculation, and X for removal by lamella settling and integrated thickening.

  • The process is mainly used for clarification

  • In general it can also be used for any precipitation, e.g. partial softening/decarbonization, Fe-phosphate precipitation, lime saturation, etc.

  • Multi-chamber flocculation: All phases (coagulation, contact sludge, polymer mixing, flocculation) take place separately and specifically designed in their own stage

  • A special feature is the horizontal paddle unit in the flocculation stage, which is very advantageous from a hydraulic and process engineering point of view

  • Contact sludge flocculation to accelerate floc formation 

  • Sedimentation takes place via lamella clarifier or lamella clarifier with integrated thickener

  • A special feature of our lamella is the crossflow at the inlet to the lamella package and the hydraulically controlled overflow at the upper end

See our References with ECoFlocX


ECoFlocX Process

  • Particularly suitable for efficient high suspended solids removal in order to get high-level and stable water quality
  • Very compact design due to short residence times in coagulation/flocculation
  • and high specific settling area (>10 m³/m²)
  • Minimized chemical consumption for coagulant/precipitant,
  • lime milk and flocculant.
  • Adjustable weirs at lamella overflow ensure uniform up-flow and
  • steady floc separation without ballast additives.
  • Each single plate is easily removable without interruption in operation
  • Suspended solids and turbidity removal of 3-4 logarithm scales resulting
  • in a clarified water quality of less than 1 NTU turbidity.
  • In case of downstream sand filtration: extended filtration cycles and less backwash water losses.
  • In case of downstream ultra filtration: less fouling and higher filtrate yield.