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Norevo Produktion GmbH

Conversion of the SBR sewage treatment plant

Scope of delivery:
- Fine screening
- cont. Activated sludge process
- flotation

Throughput: 80 m³/d
Commissioning: 2017

Meat processing in Rhinehessen

Approval planning
of the sewage treatment plant

Planning scope:
- Fine screening
- Biology
- flotation
- Sludge thickening

Throughput: 40 m³/h

Südzucker AG

der Kläranlage

- Feinscreening
- Biologie
- Flotation
- Schlammeindickung

Durchsatzleistung: 40 m³/h

Südzucker AG

Plattling plant

Anaerobic waste water treatment
for the treatment of beet wash water
Conversion of 95% of the organic load into biogas.

Capacity: 45 t/d COD
Commissioning: foreseen 2020