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Sludge digestion plant in Aqaba, Jordan

CNP builts sludge digestion plant for the North Aqaba WWTP in Jordan

The client was the Jordanian construction company ATCCO, which carried out the construction of the complete wastewater treatment plant. An important criterion for the award of the contract was overall cost effectiveness, taking into account investment and operating costs. In addition, the customer expressly demanded design and delivery "Made in Germany".

The scope of supply included the digestion process by gas injection with two fully equipped digesters with 4,500 m³ each, a complete gas treatment plant, a gas storage tank with 500 m³, as well as three CHP units with 311 kW electrical power each.

The principle of the digester was developed in 1970 by Prof. Hanns Roediger, has been used in more than 500 plants worldwide and has been continuously developed into the sewage sludge digestion process with highest efficiency. An outstanding feature is the robust and very effective mixing by means of digester gas injection.

CNP's experience and competence gave the customer a high degree of planning security for the operating phase.


Construction of the cylindric-shaped digester with flat bottom and conical roof

Gas holder

Double membran gas holder

Gas flare

Emergency flare


Three CHP with a single power of 350 kW max.