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Berliner Wasserbetriebe


The world-renowned AirPrex® process was developed in 2006 through several years of trials at the Berlin-Waßmannsdorf wastewater treatment plant and implemented in a full-scale plant in 2011. From here, the success of the process started, which has since been installed at numerous wastewater treatment plants in Germany, China, USA, and other parts of the world. CNP secured the rights to the process and is building them worldwide. 

Berlin-Wassmansdorf WWTP

Population equivalents:                    1 Mio.

Capacity of the AirPrex® plant:        2,000 m³ Faulschlamm/d

Struvite Discharge:                             appr. 3,000 kg/d

Start-up:                                                2011

Complete rebuild of the MAP discharge system

Design and rebuild of the discharge system of the 2010 Struvite reactor. The existing and vulnerable discharge system was replaced with a system already proven in other existing AirPrex® plants.

The new fully automatic discharge and Struvite washing system have increased the discharge from 1,000 kg to up to 3,000 kg per day.