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Nutrients Cycle

Closing the urban water cycles and simultaneously creating a strong link to the nutrients cycle

At CNP we care for the environment and sustainable natural balance. The N and P in our name stand for Nitrogen and Phosphorus. As important nutrients, they are one of the most valuable elements for the living organisms. However, when in wastewater, they cause environmental problems and high operational treatment costs. By using our resource-efficient processes, we remove N and P from wastewater and partially or even almost fully recover them out of the sewage sludge as a valuable nutrient resource.

More about P-Recovery


  • Post-Digestion
  • Pre-Digestion

Process Technologies


  • Sludge disposal costs reduction
  • Reduction of chemicals (polymer/precipitants)
  • Phosphorus recycle load reduction in Bio-P
  • Maintenance costs reduction
  • Increased revenue from fertilizer reselling
  • Short investments payback

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